You have to break something to get something done

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I am Hazara, and me and my other Pashtun friend just woke up and heard noises. We could hear some voices, abusing, yelling ‘motherfucker’ and these things.

So we see him on the roof, smashing this, hitting the roof. He wanted to go for a visit in the other compound.

This one Pashtun friend standing with me says to the other one, ‘hang on my son, one minute’.

He puts his tea down and says: ‘Motherfucker this is not how you do it!’ And he climbed up on the roof, picked up a stick and started bashing the air conditioning unit on the roof, until it was smashed. Then they both climbed down.

If you just suffer quietly they might let you die, they don’t care how much pain you are in. Even if you are dying, if you want to see the nurse and get a Panadol, you have to break something.
If you break the window, they will agree that you are dying. You have to break something to get something done.


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