Caleb Maru

When Caleb isn’t developing the Aware Project with Liam and Stewie or interviewing Australians about what they think needs to change in society, he can be found obsessing over his favourite music artists or reading TV show spoilers on Wikipedia (think Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead). Caleb decided to begin the Aware Project after realising that a lot of people, including himself, didn’t really understand what young people in and around his life were dealing with, and that this needed to change. The idea behind the Aware Project is to provide a platform for young Australians to talk about what is afflicting them, and to learn from others experiences. Caleb hopes that through this project, people can begin to understand each other better and improve the lives of those who may be suffering from these issues alone. Caleb is currently studying in Law and International Relations in Adelaide.

Liam Shilton

If Liam isn’t designing graphics or taking photos for the Aware Project, you’ll usually find him at enjoying an asian dish he’s cooked himself (which Caleb ends up eating most of), listening to Urthboy or compulsively playing whatever new Xbox game is out (or all three of these things at the same time). Liam was born and raised in Alice Springs, NT which he feels has given him an accepting attitude towards all people regardless of race, gender or sexuality. As co-founder of the Aware Project, Liam wants to see awareness and understanding make a difference in issues which he has had first contact with, and shape a more accepting future in Australian society. Liam’s aspires to use his skills in art and design to help make a lasting difference in people’s lives by aiding in social movements (like Humans of New York, ya know?), and is studying Visual Communication Design in a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Melbourne.

Stewart Thornton

Stewart (Stewie) loves practising his world class cooking, belting out The Wombats lyrics in random places and meditating, but when he isn’t doing these things he’s taking his role of Editor-In-Chief of everything that goes up for the Aware Project very seriously. So if you find something on here that you don’t like, then he’s the one to talk to. Other than being a kid genius, Stewie is a co-founder of the Aware Project and wants to make disempowerment through ignorance a thing of the past and promote empathy and understanding towards individuals and the issues they face after seeing many cases of his peers and his own issues being ignored or misunderstood. Stewie is studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, and plans to study Law after this before beginning work in one of these fields. But before he starts to work, he plans on embarking on adventures travelling the globe while growing out his beard.