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Two Faced

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I’m not a fan of two-faced people. For the past several years of schooling all I have witnessed was people saying negative comments about each other, and even their friends which was a surprise to me. And there’s me. I have made no input into these conversations, but even still, the person who was always talking about other people, is always praised by other people. Is likeable among everyone. Because they are blinded by their other side, maybe because of their humorous personality.

And me? I am always the one that is targeted, and I am always the person who is to be condemned for ‘spreading rumours about them’ and ‘saying negative comments about them’, all because I ‘seem like the person to do so’. I even have friends sticking up for the person who was talking negatively about them, whilst I, must be condemned for their actions.

For these several years, I have been criticised for other people’s actions, and it is only the feeling of loneliness that I have absorbed through this condemnation of people. I cannot recall the amount of times that i have cried, thinking that everyone is now against me, and being targeted for most things. Sometimes, I wish everyone saw the negative side of the person being praised, only to prove that I, all along, was not involved in such action. However, this does not seem to happen in reality, and it is only through online posts (that no one else can see) that I am able to cathartically release my thoughts, and not be judged for it.

And now that i have finished my schooling years, it is safe to say that I have escaped the labyrinth of criticism, and move on with life, and participate in community service. And it is through this community involvement that I began to understand that this turmoil I faced, was only a small problem. I have witnessed those who are struggling physically, to even survive. At this point of time, I knew that I was grateful to have a stable life. And that these criticisms cannot hurt me anymore.


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