What Trump means for us Down Under

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by Caleb Maru

Trump has won the election, and we’ve seen the United States population split between joy and despair while our Facebook newsfeeds have been filled with Trump memes and a lot of angry rants.

There are a lot of reasons that Trump’s victory will be problematic for the United States which I could talk about for ages. But while watching Trump’s victory speech with my mates, the question was asked – what does this actually mean for us in Australia, if anything?

The first thing that came to mind is how Australia will get dragged into whatever war Trump gets us dragged into, and that was it.

But that’s actually not it.

For starters, the Australian share market lost $34 billion in value yesterday which began when Trump started to take the lead in the votes… And our US Ambassador, Kim Beazley, has pointed out that Trump’s plan on raising taxes on Chinese goods in the US is likely to start a trade war which would seriously affect our relationship with China, our biggest trading partner.

Money isn’t all, though. You also might have heard of that wall Trump wants to build across the US-Mexican border? Well he also wants to stop all Muslims from entering the country, and establish laws that allow police to stop-and-frisk anyone who looks suspicious.

How does this affect us? Well right now, Australia is in a complex situation in how it deals with immigrants and refugees. We do enjoy peaceful multiculturalism, but our success with this is fragile. It is threatened by movements like Reclaim Australia, and political parties like Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party which wants to call a Royal Commission into Islam *facepalm*. Trump’s immigration and security policies would encourage these movements and parties, and provide them with legitimacy.

Oh, and Pauline had a blast yesterday after Trump’s victory.


Australia’s immigration situation might get even more complicated though. Here’s the rate of google searches for ‘move to Australia’ after the election.


We don’t know for sure what Trump’s Presidency will look like, or how the minority groups already targeted in his election campaign are going to fare in America. But we can make sure that yesterday’s election shock doesn’t affect Australia as best we can by standing up for what’s right and calling out injustice. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King JR, ‘We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope’.


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