Some people don’t get it

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Some people don’t get it. Or even notice it I guess. ‘He had the best resume out of all of them who applied, but I didn’t think he was from Sudan when I spoke to him on the phone,’ she says after interviewing him for the job. The next day it turns out that he didn’t get the job. Instead it’s the white guy because ‘he seems more reliable and suited to the job.’ It’s called covert racism and it’s everywhere. Apparently it’s embedded into human society, but it really shouldn’t be that way. Like that one time when my workplace was broken into, and we didn’t hire the indigenous cleaner who had been working for us for years again after that. Or when people ask me if going back to Africa for a holiday was ‘scary’ or ‘disturbing’ because the country is at war, totally ignoring the fact that Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the people who have nothing there are happier and unbelievably friendlier than pretty much everyone I know here in Australia.
It’s bullshit, and even though I don’t experience it as much as I see it happen it is infuriating. I think that people just need to think about what they’re really saying and doing.


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