im too fat 2

Who would want to love this body?

In Acceptance, All, Self Esteem by Aware

I am too fat. I’ve got thunder thighs. My arms are flabby. My breasts aren’t perky enough. I have man calves. Who would want to love this body?… For young women, these thoughts are far too commonplace. In the media, everywhere you look, the concept of beauty is depicted in models and celebrities who are typically tall, slim, have ‘thigh gaps’ and a great tan. As young people, we very quickly learn to begin comparing ourselves to such encapsulations of ‘beauty’ and more often than not, the same conclusion of ‘i’m not good enough’ is the result. We are made to believe that we will be viewed as less attractive people if we don’t fit into a size 6 or a size 8. We are taught to measure our self-worth according to the size of our clothes, and not according to our ability to take responsibility for our health. I look forward to the day when girls who wear sizes 10 and up, and who work hard to lead healthy lifestyles, are able to look in the mirror and see themselves as attractive not because they conform to an ‘ideal’ body type, but because regardless of their dress size (which is only controllable to a degree), they care about their health.


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