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First Impressions

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A first impression is very important in modern day society and this has been an issue for such a long time, an issue that I found to be quite prevalent throughout school in particular. Though I never really struggled with bullying, it was always evident in my classes and I found that generally students were unjustly targeted for the simplest of reasons. Reasons that often stemmed from first impressions, which are generally associated with someone’s appearance or the way a person acts. I remember one kid, who was constantly picked on for the way he smelt and thus joining in on the gossip that was associated with him. Later I was informed that this kid could not control this aspect of his life as his parents did not agree with the use of soap, leaving me to feel like an ignorant and rude person. What I’m trying to say is that we need to realise that sometimes a person appears or acts in a way that seems weird or socially unacceptable, however, this is not always in their control. So next time you see or meet that ‘weirdo’, give them more than a first impression before you decide on how you associate yourself with them.


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