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I recall being 6 and falling asleep hoping that when I woke up I would be white. I would imagine that my black skin is a extended joke and I would wake up white. Everything around me pointed to that idea that beauty, intelligence, power and success was built on a foundation of white skin. I grew up thinking that I was intellectually inferior because of my skin, it was only when I was 16 that this preconception left me. What people don’t realise that despite outlandish acts of racism ceasing to exist, racism nowadays is insidious. Embedded so deeply within the frames of our subconscious that only upon closer inspection one can see it. It took me 18 years to realise that my low self esteem lay partially in the idealisation of white skin within our media. It’s hard to see a POC as beautiful when only 4% of models are of colour. Yet because we aren’t enslaving someone, racism is not something big enough worth talking about because we are “seeing to deep into things”