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My weight has gotten in the way of a lot of my high school life because of negative comments and bullying I’ve constantly received from classmates. I never wanted to join any sporting teams because I was too scared that I wouldn’t be picked to play because I was ‘too fat’. I also felt like I was being judged all the time, and normal things like wearing the clothes I wanted to wear made me anxious because I was worried that it would make me look fat. This constant routine of bullying throughout my high school years built up, and drove me towards depression and suicidal thoughts. Since I’ve finished school and have surrounded myself with friends who accept me in turn I have come to accept myself and things have improved significantly. But when you’re in high school and learning more about yourself its a terrible environment for self acceptance when you are being bullied about your size each day. It’s important that people know that bullying isn’t okay, and it has more of an impact than you think it does. No one deserves to have a bad time in high school so that a few people can have a good time degrading them.


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