Aware post peer exclusion


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When I was younger, I was always a ‘shy’ kid. I never really had my own circle of friends to talk to, and certainly was never one of the ‘cool kids’. I never really expressed this as a problem to anyone… I was also on the fringe of a group, or at least talked to people at school, so my parents and teachers presumed I was happy, albeit nervous and introverted. But I always felt excluded. I always felt that I wouldn’t fit in. Stemming from this, for a large portion of my youth I wasn’t confident with my own standing. I wasn’t confident being who I was, simply because who I was hadn’t been good enough to fit in with the people around me for so long. Even as I began to become more socially extroverted, I found myself holding back, scared to step out of the shadows. While this is an individual issue I have faced, I feel that it is one that young people need to be aware of. While many people may find that they naturally become more sociable and less isolated, some may require help to escape from the cycle. Through the understanding of this, as what I’m sure is an issue in many young people, a greater understanding of under confident, introverted young people can be found. From this understanding, empathy can be found and bonds of friendship made that can move other ‘shy’ individuals away from their lives of relative isolation.


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