Aware Project is a platform giving young Australians a voice to tell their stories about the real, hidden issues affecting them.

We as an organisation hope that through stories shared and interviews conducted on topics ranging from mental health to racism and gender equality, we can help start the conversation about these issues that are all too often kept in the dark.

What we’re trying to address isn’t just that these issues exist. It’s that we as a society pretend they don’t exist, which rubs off on us, leading to us staying silent.

This year headspace released a report which revealed that 52% of young people dealing with mental health issues in Australia are too embarrassed to talk about it with friends or family, and there’s no doubt these statistics are similar for other social issues in Australia.

So the question we’re asking is how can we consider trying to find solutions to these problems if we won’t even talk about them?

We believe in the power of personal stories, real interviews and thought provoking articles to increase awareness and start dialogues about issues in Australian society.

This is the first, fundamental step to social change.